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AIDA CoolDown 2023

AIDA CoolDown 2023

Start date: 2023-08-12
End date: 2023-08-12
Location: Camping Schwarzenau, Achensee, Tirol, Achenkirch, Austria
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Thomas Oberhuber
Additional info: Freshwater competition with 2 dives (when the weather/current allows it)

Platform with counterweight system. The CoolDown is particularly suited for beginners.

For training

a buoy is available onto which you can clip your own.

Please organize a buddy - a maximum depth of 55m is allowed. More information also at https://alpnoe.org/cool-down-1 and at the attached document at the registration page!
Disciplines: FIM CWTB
Safety Qualifications: Experienced safety divers from Alpnoe.org
Safety plan: Oxygen on shore, hyberbaric chamber within approx. 1 hour by car
Maximum depth: 60m
Main Judge: Christian Foetinger
Other Jury Members: Monika Hopf
Assistant Judges: -